Commute Options

For services to help improve how you get to and from work, please visit the Georgia Commute Options website.


Aging and Disability Resources

For information about services and programs for older adults and persons with disabilities, please visit the AgeWise Connection website.


MARTA Travel Training

For information about training and guidance for individuals with disabilities who want to utilize the MARTA system, please visit the MARTA Travel Training website.


Human Services Transportation

Human Services Transportation (HST) includes a broad range of service options designed to meet the needs of the region’s transportation disadvantaged, including persons with disabilities, individuals with lower incomes and older adults. These individuals have different needs and require a variety of transportation services to ensure quality of life. Planning and Coordinating HST helps to improve the efficiency of limited transportation resources, reduce duplication of services and improve customer satisfaction.

Cost Allocation 

“Cost allocation” refers to a series of distinct management and accounting practices used by transit providers to assess trip costs. The materials below were provided at a cost allocation workshop that was held for coordinated transportation providers. The powerpoint slides demonstrate how a provider can develop an accurate way to charge for its services. They describe what cost allocation is and why total cost allocation is important; discuss issues in some existing methods; and demonstrate how to use a cost allocation model to develop a budget that reflects the services someone provides or wants to provide. The model is included with or without sample data. ARC sponsored this workshop, which was led by Richard Garrity, a Senior Associate at RLS & Associates, Inc. 

2012-2013 Coordinated HST Plan Limited Update

On March 27, 2013, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) adopted the 2012-2013 Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan Update, which provides a framework for the Atlanta region to improve mobility for the older adult, low income and disabled populations. The plan identifies the transportation needs of HST populations and provides strategies and solutions to address those needs throughout the region. Click here to review a copy of the 2012-2013 plan update.


ARC welcomes your involvement in the HST planning process.  

"A Matter of Mobility", 2:00 Version from Atlanta Regional Commission on Vimeo.

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