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The public comment period has closed. Adoption of The Atlanta Region's Plan is scheduled for February 2016.


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Transportation Access and Mobility

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The Region’s economy and overall quality of life relies on the ability to travel to, from and within the Atlanta Region safely and efficiently.  This capability is essential if we hope to achieve our shared vision of “Winning the Future”. 

While trips are occasionally made simply for pleasure, such as a Sunday afternoon drive exploring a new part of town or a midweek evening stroll around the neighborhood for exercise, transportation is primarily a utilitarian aspect of our lives. We drive on the freeways or board buses and trains with a purpose. While the purpose may vary depending on the time of day or day of the week, there is almost always a mission in mind when we leave our homes. Commuting to a job, delivering supplies, shopping for groceries, filling a prescription at the pharmacy, and attending a sporting event with friends are just a few examples of how the transportation system serves as the foundation for strengthening our economy and making the Atlanta Region and its communities better places to call home.

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