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At the intersection of three interstates, Atlanta serves as the crossroads of the southeastern United States. As a result of massive growth over the last 25 years, Atlanta’s roadway network has become overburdened and congested. Below you will find a variety of ways the Atlanta Regional Commission is addressing these issues.

Roadway Classifications in the Atlanta Region

Freeway (a.k.a. Interstate)
A divided highway having two or more lanes for the exclusive use of traffic in each direction and full control of access. The freeway is the only type of highway intended to provide complete "uninterrupted" flow.
A major thoroughfare that is vital for moving people and goods: feeds into the interstate and freeway systems.
Intended to balance access and mobility considerations by serving through movement as well as access to land. Collectors connect traffic on highways and arterials to local streets and adjacent land.

Improving Traffic Flow in the Atlanta Region

Intelligent Transportation Systems 
The application of technologies such as signal synchronization and emergency management to reduce congestion and other traffic issues.

Congestion Management Process (CMP)  
Strategies to reduce congestion focusing on improved efficiency and alternatives to single-occupant vehicles (SOV).

Commute Options 
Explore the Guaranteed Ride Home, Vanpooling, Transit, Carpooling, Biking, and Schoolpooling alternatives to congestion.

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) 
The region's long-range transportation vision.

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