A Transportation Study involves the review, evaluation, assessment and design of transportation systems, facilities and modes within a city, county or region. The goal of Transportation Studies is to help public agencies identify issues so they can determine policies and investment strategies to guide the future direction of their communities and the region. The outcomes of the plan are meant to provide people access to services required for a better quality of life. Some transportation projects within these plans may be recommended to be included in the Regional Transportation Plan.

Current Studies

  • Congestion Management Process - A systematic process for managing congestion by providing information on transportation system performance and finds alternative ways to alleviate congestion and maximize the efficiency of the transportation system.
  • Regional Household Travel Survey - In 2011, ARC will be conducting an updated Household Travel Survey taking into account current travel behavior within the designated Atlanta non-attainment area. Data from the Household Travel Survey will continue to assist in the ongoing calibration efforts of the regional travel demand model. 
  • Regional TDM Plan - The Regional Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan is a long-range plan that will define a strategic framework for developing and integrating TDM strategies into planning, project development, and system operations investment decision-making. It is intended to build off the region’s current long-range comprehensive plan, PLAN 2040, and provide input into the update of future regional plans and programs.

Completed Studies

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Area Studies

Bicycle & Pedestrian Studies

Freight Studies

Human Services Transportation Studies

Roads & Highways


Comprehensive Transportation Program 

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) initiated a funding assistance program in 2005 to encourage counties and their municipalities to develop joint long-range transportation plans. The final products will serve as input in developing ARC’s future regional plans. The CTP Program applies to all counties in the Atlanta MPO planning area.

Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) Program 

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