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Regional Transit Planning and Coordination

Anchored by MARTA and served by three additional providers, the regional transit system offers citizens and visitors to the region travel options. As part of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), transit plays a major role in alleviating congestion and improving air quality, while supporting the land use and development goals and policies of the Regional Agenda. ARC, working with regional partners and service providers, reviews, analyzes and incorporates transit projects into its planning process.

PLAN 2040, the region’s current RTP, includes several different types of transit projects and covers a range of transit modes that combine to create a seamless transit system. This system allows commuters to connect easily to numerous destinations.

While transit reduces the number of single-occupant vehicles (SOV), its main objective is to provide additional travel options to regional citizens. By providing numerous alternatives to the SOV, the regional transportation system will become more efficient and comprehensive.

As a result of the Regional Transit Institutional Analysis Study, a partnership of local governments, state agencies and current transit providers came together to discuss the establishment of a seamless, integrated transit system in the Atlanta region. The Transit Planning Board or TPB, was created to focus on the development of a regional transit plan, improve regional system coordination, system performance measurement and act as an advocate for increased federal funding for the regional transit system. Established in January 2010, the Regional Transit Committee is currently guiding the implementation of Concept 3, the long-range transit vision for the Atlanta region developed by the board's predecessors, the Transit Planning Board (TPB) and the Transit Implementation Board. 

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