TIP Administrative Modification Dates**

    • 1st Quarter 2014
    • 2nd Quarter 2014
      Due - May 5
      Processed - May 16 
    • 3rd Quarter 2014
      Due - August 22
      Processed - September 5
    • 4th Quarter 2014
      Due - November 21
      Processed - December 12

    *Due to the PLAN 2040 RTP Update adoption in March 2014, 1st quarter 2014 administrative modifications were not be conducted.

    **Dates are subject to change.


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    Transportation Improvement Program

    The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) allocates federal funds for use in construction of the highest-priority transportation projects in the near term of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The TIP must be consistent with the long-range objectives of the RTP and must be financially balanced.

    FY 2014-2019 TIP 

    The FY 2014-2019 Transportation Improvement Program is the $7.05 billion short range plan for the Atlanta region under the PLAN 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Update. Adoption by the ARC Board of the FY 2014-2019 TIP occurred on March 26, 2014, with GRTA Board action to take place on April 9, 2014. ARC is scheduled to receive a conformity determination from the USDOT by mid-April 2014. 

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