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Are You Eligible for the OJT Program?


  • Are you currently hiring?
  • Do potential candidates have skills gaps?
  • Are these full-time permanent positions (30+ hours per week)?
  • Are the wages equal to or greater than $12.70 per hour?

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On-the-Job Training (OJT)

The OJT program provides employers with the opportunity to train new employees and receive 50-75% reimbursement for their salary during the OJT training period. OJT helps employers fill the gap between a potential employee’s skills and what is required to fully perform the job.

The OJT program helps job seekers enter or re-enter the workforce and gives employers an incentive to hire and train them in full-time skilled or semi-skilled occupations.

How can I get involved with an OJT program through the Atlanta Regional Workforce Development Board (ARWDB)?

An OJT program will require that an employer:

  • Have a physical location in the 10-county metro Atlanta region (profit or nonprofit)
  • Keep workers on the payroll for at least one year after they complete the specialized training
  • Offer positions in full-time employment (30+ hours per week)
  • Provide wages of at least $12.70 per hour for the position
  • Complete training within six months
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