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Mobile Career Resource Center

Where You Can Find the Mobile Career Resource Center

The Atlanta Regional Workforce Development Board’s Mobile Career Lab is stationed weekly at local libraries to provide assistance in job readiness and job search activities as well as provide information on Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) funded training opportunities.

Month-at-a-Glance Mobile Unit Calendar:    May l June 2016(PDF)

About the Mobile Career Resource Center

The Mobile Career Resource Center is a 13-station state of the art fully accessible computer lab. The unit offers a full array of services and has a private interview area as well as the option of dividing the classroom area into two separate rooms. The instructor workstation is connected to a 42” Plasma TV with Smart Board Overlay which adds Interactive Whiteboard capabilities for presentations and training.

The Mobile Unit operates under generator-driven power or through a shore line connection. Internet connection is via satellite. Printer, scanner, and copy services are available on the unit. DVD and VCR units are attached to the large screen Plasma TV and to the smaller TV located within the private interview area.

A fully accessible ADA workstation with movable table and auxiliary equipment is available adjacent to the Wheelchair Lift.

The Mobile Career Resource Center provides workforce solutions for businesses and individuals. Businesses may use the mobile unit for recruiting, pre-employment screening, interviewing and training. Individuals will be served through various job search/career development activities such as on-line job search, resume and cover letter development, on-line tutorials and individual assessments and exploration of training eligibility and options.

Use Policy and Procedures

The ARC/ARWDB Mobile Career Resource Center is available to support workforce related needs in the Metro Atlanta area such as: responding to national/local emergencies, rapid response to major workforce reductions, job fairs and recruitment, business expositions, state workforce initiatives and workforce training.

Scheduling for the unit follows a Priory of Use schedule and includes coordination with driver’s schedule, and routine maintenance schedules. Severe weather conditions will also be taken into consideration with regard to scheduling.

Any software download to the Mobile Unit computers must be pre-approved by ARC/ARWDB a minimum of one week prior to use.

Priority of Usage

No Fees for Workforce Agencies/Partners (Fuel charge may apply)

  1. National/State/Local Emergencies
  2. ARC/ARWDB WIOA Activities
  3. Metro Atlanta Rapid Response
  4. State Workforce Initiatives in Metro Atlanta Region
  5. Business recruitment, pre-employment screening, interviewing

Fee for Service 
Requests for use of the ARWDB mobile unit for activities not listed above will be reviewed and assessed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Be advised that the unit does not have lavatory facilities and needs to be parked in a location that provides facilities within a reasonable proximity to the unit.

Maximum internet reception requires a southern exposure for the satellite.

Want to learn more about the Mobile Career Resource Center? Contact Phyllis Brown at 404 463-3299 or

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