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Georgia Career Information System - (GCIS) (For a GCIS user name and password send an email request to workforce@atlantaregional.com)

Georgia Eligible Training Provider List - Make sure that the school and training program you want to attend is on this list.

Training Considerations (PDF) - Review this document as you select your career goal and your training provider.

ARWB Occupations List (PDF)  Make sure your chosen career area is on this list.


O*Net - Skills Search

Labor Market Research Form (PDF) - Review this form and ask yourself these questions:
What jobs are available in this field?

What wages can I expect to earn?
Is there room for growth?

Do I need specific training or certification?

Performance Review (PDF) - Check for the school you are considering to assure they are not on hold for new customers due to low performance measures.

Training Program Research Form (PDF) - Download this form for a comparison of schools



Register with WIN to improve your basic skills in math and language at home. For a WIN registration, send an email request to workforce@atlantaregional.com.


WIA-Funded Training Application

 There are 4 steps to apply for WIA Training:

What is WIA?

"WIA" stands for Workforce Investment Act. It is a federal law which provides training for people who are out of work or whose skills need improving in order to obtain a new job. The federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) was signed into law in August 1998, and went into effect in Georgia in July 2000. The Governor designated the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) as the state agency responsible for implementation of WIA. The Governor also appointed the State Workforce Investment Board to help plan and develop Georgia's overall workforce system. The State Board is composed of a private sector majority with a business sector chair, and various workforce development, government, youth, labor, and human services representatives.

Am I Eligible?

Before You Complete the WIA Training Application, you should determine if you are eligible
by reviewing the Eligibility Checklist (PDF). 

Gold Standard Study

Complete the Application

Application and Documentation must be turned in together.


Attach Your Documentation

  • Adult  Eligibility Documentation (PDF)
  • Dislocated Worker (PDF)

Critical Financial Information

  • Do not attend classes or pay in advance for any training that you expect to be paid for by WIA funding until your training plan is completed, signed and approved by you and your Career Advisor.
  • A voucher for payment for training is the only approved method of payment under WIA. 
  • Consult with your Career Advisor before signing any loan applications or contracts.
  • This program does not provide direct reimbursement to the student.

What if I Am Not Eligible?

If you determine that you are not eligible for WIA training, other services including career exploration, labor market information, job search resources and financial aid for scholarships, are available at the ARWB Career Resource Centers. You can also check the Financial Aid Resources (PDF) and apply for the HOPE and Pell Grants which are also available for pre-requisite or developmental classes. Read about the recent changes to Georgia’s HOPE Grant and Scholarship program. 

If you are unable to determine your eligibility or if you need more direct assistance in completing your application, you may contact the Career Resource Center that serves your county of residence to register for an Application Workshop which is held twice a month.

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