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All Eligible ITA Training Providers and Programs are listed on Georgia's WIOA Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL)


Approved Training Provider Forms

Approved Training Providers for WIOA services are required to submit progress reports on WIOA customers enrolled in training programs. The forms below should be used to record information and forward to the customer's assigned Career Advisor. 

WIOA Customer Activity Checklist (DOC)
Complete this form when a customer's training status has changed and forward to the assigned Career Advisor.

WIOA Customer Employment/End of Service Form (DOC)
Complete this form when a customer finds employment, earns a credential or ends training services and forward to the assigned Career Advisor.  Employment information will be verified before reported on GWS.  Credential, certificate and/or license information will not be reported on GWS unless a paper copy has been forwarded to the Career Advisor with this form.

Approved Training Providers may request to add additional programs to the Eligible Training Provider List, or to make changes to current approved programs.  All Program Change requests and Additional Program requests must be submitted on the ITA Program Request form (PDF).  All program changes are subject to the ITA Committee review.  Notification of committee recommendations will be provided in writing following the meeting.

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