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WIOA requires that Youth programs be competitively procured. Requests for Proposals for Youth Services, when available, will be posted on ARC's website.

To have your organization added to our RFP list to receive notice of upcoming Requests for Proposals, please send  your contact information to


ARWDB Resources for Youth Providers

The Atlanta Regional Workforce Development Board (ARWDB), through recommendations from the ARWDB Youth Committee, approved a set of publicly and competitively-procured providers of youth services. These Youth Programs  offer services for the seven-county ARWDB service area, funded by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

We are constantly seeking business that are interested in hiring or mentoring our WIOA youth customers. Local businesses partners include:

The Clayton County Board of Health has been a longstanding partner in community development with Hearts to Nourish Hope, helping to provide pertinent health and wellness information to  youth participants.  Through their innovative programs, The Board of Health has hired some local youth, providing them with valid job skills and expertise which will strengthened their skill sets for future employment opportunities.  

Reinhardt University has been a valuable partner with Cherokee Youth Works.  Throughout the summer jobs programs of 2009 and 2010 Reinhardt offered slots to a total of 12 youth in landscape, housekeeping and clerical positions.  They encouraged youth in their educational and occupational goals, taking a personal interest in their lives. 

T J Maxx in Gwinnett County played an instrumental role in supporting the CorVel’s Summer Youth Program by providing a very supportive learning environment that stressed personal accountability and responsibility.

Goodyear Tire  - Youth employed at Goodyear received mentorship, guidance, encouragement and training -these types of relationships are a valuable resource to our youth and to their community.

Chick-fil-A partnered with Cherokee Youth Works and, has provided employment to youth, and donated food, coupons and volunteer hours to Cherokee Youth Works events, living up to the Chick-fil-a Reputation of service to the community.

Star Acquisitions, a manufacturer of school and office supplies, works with individuals with disabilities and has collaborated with PEPP, Inc (An ARWB Youth Program) for several years.  When the summer stimulus work program was announced Star Acquisitions was one of the first major companies on board to hire youths, hiring approximately 30 individuals during the summer and retaining 10 of those youth for full time employment.  Both of these numbers are the highest of the 40 companies that participated in the ARWB summer stimulus workforce program.

1-800-Got-Junk became a partner with one of the ARWB Youth Programs, Hearts to Nourish Hope, and participated in the ‘Georgia Step Up’ Program. 1-800-Got-Junk afforded a young student the opportunity to gain job experience and learn new skills while working with a ‘green’ company. Under their guidance he was taught not only the realities of having a job but also how to be a successful and mindful employee.

Garden of Eatin’ became a partner with the Hearts to Nourish Hope, ARWB Youth Program and participated with the ‘Georgia Step Up’ Program and hired five 14-and 15-year old students. Instead of merely providing employment, they took these students under their wing and taught them principles that will stay with them forever -- the importance of respecting the earth, and the health benefits of growing and tending your own chemical free gardens; about self reliancy, fossil fuels, the ecosystem, irrigation and organic ways to improve the soil as well as the quality of the food we eat.  The students learned what it means to be a ‘green’ company and how this is important for all of our futures.  

Eatza Pizza has partnered with the ARWB Youth Program at WORKTEC to work with youth transitioning to employment and placed 6 disabled individuals at the restaurant.  This employer realizes how important it is to enhance youth self confidence, provide supportive work experience, develop marketable job skills and promote job responsibility.  Eatza Pizza understands that young people are not perfect --they are indeed a work in progress.




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